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WARE, VOAR n spring

This word is generally held to come from Old Norse ‘var’, although there are a few Older Scots spellings such as ‘ver’ and ‘vere’ which suggest influence from identical spellings in Old Frread more

Peter Kinnen

The well-known Beatrix Potter story 'The Tale of Peter Rabbit' has been translated into Scots by Lynne McGeachie and published by the Beatrix Potter Society as 'The Tale O Peter Kinnen' read more

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Word of the Week

SWATCH n. a quick look or insp

The original meaning of swatch as
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Scots Proverbs

Efter lang mint never dint

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Scots New Testament

Fifth Sunday of Lent

The Scots Language Centre is mark
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Promoting & celebrating Shetland's dialect heritage & culture read more

Scots Language Radio

Episode 15

Wi’r hearin fit’s gaan on in schools in the new edition o Scots Language Radio – spikkin tae Scots Language Co-ordinator fae Education Scotland, Diane And
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Scots Poetry


by Rita BraddThare’s somethin i the bludethat maks us trickle awa frae these bonnie shoresan spatter oorsels aroon this globenae Continent bides unstainedby …
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A Gruffalo Tour

Children are in for a special treat during March when the Gruffalo takes to the road, in both English and Scots. In a co-venture brought to you by Into Film and Education Scotland, there will bread more

Latest News

Scottish Spleen

Recently a small but interesting booklet called Scottish Spleen was published by Tapsalteerie. It is edited by Tom Hubbard, James Underhill and Stewart S
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Latest Events

Musical Introduction

Fred Freeman will be giving a Musical Introduction to the Scots Language at Perth Museum and Art Gallery, beginning at 7pm. Tickets c
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The Scots calendar

Just as the year is divided into seasons, months and days, the day is divided into hours and times. Scots, like other languages, has its own way of expressing these more

Free resources for teachers

Within Scots Language Centre website there are a many pages which teachers may find helpful when delivering lessons which include an element of Scots language. Within Watching and Listening there are

Jack Aitken

The SLC merks Burns Nicht this year wi a mindin o whitna lang wey the Scots leid has cam in the last quarter century. This is forbye a preein o a important projeck that the SLC is gaun tae host, makkiread more